Shopping Website Project with PHP & MySQL

In this new project you will get the code of shopping ecommerce website in PHP and MySQL.

Project name ( Shopping E-Commerce Website )

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AJCoder 10 Dec, 2020 AT 04:56 PM

Notice: Trying to get property 'payment_request' of non-object in C:\xampp\htdocs\shopping-project\instamojo.php on line 41 sir i'm getting this type of error in this project ... can you help me how to handle this?

Muzamil 17 Dec, 2020 AT 04:53 AM

Thanks a lot for this project.

Mortuza 19 Dec, 2020 AT 05:18 AM

Thanks a lot 19 Dec, 2020 AT 10:38 AM

Sir Starts Your Project Please Please

viru 20 Dec, 2020 AT 07:04 AM

my xamp say shopping-project on line nummber 48 on error please solve

Yahoo Baba 23 Dec, 2020 AT 06:46 PM

Tell me the page name on which this error is showing.

viru 26 Dec, 2020 AT 05:46 AM

home page header on

kplsharma13 23 Dec, 2020 AT 06:32 PM

That's what I am looking for.......sir where is the tutorial of this e-commerce in your playlist?

Yahoo Baba 23 Dec, 2020 AT 06:45 PM

Here is a link :

shreya90 23 Dec, 2020 AT 06:54 PM

Thank you for this project sir. I am new to php, This project will help me to learn some advance concept of php. Thanks once again :)

yahyaimran786 24 Dec, 2020 AT 05:07 AM

Thanks a lot for this project.

Nitsrock 24 Dec, 2020 AT 08:03 AM

Thank You Very much sir .

T zaman 24 Dec, 2020 AT 08:07 AM

Thank you very much.

waleed_q 24 Dec, 2020 AT 05:57 PM

Sir, Great project it helps me a lot thank you so much.

Almas Rafaqat 24 Dec, 2020 AT 07:23 PM

Thank you sir for your worthy project.

Almas Rafaqat 24 Dec, 2020 AT 07:40 PM

Dear Sir, the cart and remove item from the cart is not working properly almost 5 to 10 time clicking then goes to cart and same while removing.

M.r sunil 25 Dec, 2020 AT 01:47 AM

Thanks you sir

Md Raju 26 Dec, 2020 AT 06:46 PM

Dear sir, When a user fill up the register form & click sign up, then warning shown as "field email does not have a default value". what is the problem???

Md Raju 12 Jan, 2021 AT 04:20 AM

Dear sir, please give a solution. I had upload this shopping project a hosting site. Everything is work properly, but login & register option does not work. please please check now. my link is

Yahoo Baba 12 Jan, 2021 AT 01:00 PM

ok i am providing the solution. Open the database > 'user' table > remove the 'email' column. Because We are inserting email in username column.

jeet singh 27 Dec, 2020 AT 08:27 AM

sir meri dusari email id se new account banane par already exists kh rha par password forget nahi ho rha hai

Yahoo Baba 27 Dec, 2020 AT 02:10 PM

Forget Password karne par aapko ek email aayega. Aapko us email mein diye hue LINK par click karna hai.

fixbug 28 Dec, 2020 AT 08:10 AM

sir we know your website is amazing but in this website have some bug please fix for your date secure ...

EXIT 28 Dec, 2020 AT 03:47 PM

Found error("Status Field is Empty.") when Products status changed to draft.

modede 13 Jan, 2021 AT 07:34 PM


yusofahmad 16 Jan, 2021 AT 09:37 AM

Help me please I got this message "Warning: Undefined variable $conn in C:\xampp\htdocs\shopping-project\admin\php_files\logout.php on line 10

one_PR 04 Feb, 2021 AT 08:29 AM

thank you sir, thank you so much to teach us

xtreem 21 Feb, 2021 AT 05:35 AM

Simply n truly, I would like to say "GREAT"

@yesha 08 Mar, 2021 AT 07:05 AM

can you help me?

Pacchi 28 Mar, 2021 AT 05:41 PM

its wonderful :)

Muhammad Wasif 24 Mar, 2021 AT 08:32 AM

thank you