PHP MySQLi Prepare Function Project

In this new project you will get the code of PHP prepare function to protect your website from SQL Injection.

Project name ( PHP MySQLi Prepare Function Project )

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Rahul Kurhade 28 Sep, 2020 AT 07:30 AM

Great Sir

Kalyan Rajput 29 Sep, 2020 AT 05:48 AM

Sir When will you start framework?

Yahoo Baba 14 Oct, 2020 AT 07:30 AM

After completing PHP course I will start Laravel

basanis795 20 Oct, 2020 AT 05:38 AM

sir we are waiting for your videos : )

Bhavya Patel 07 Nov, 2020 AT 12:28 PM

sir i am also waiting from long time. please start the Laravel framework immediately

Farhat 24 Dec, 2020 AT 09:52 AM

sir whats the username and password of this project

Yahoo Baba 24 Dec, 2020 AT 12:18 PM

Their is no username and password for this project.