Drag & Drop File Upload With PHP Ajax & JQuery

In this new project you will get the code of drag and drop multiple file upload with PHP Ajax and jQuery.

Project name ( Drag & Drop File Upload )

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ImJHassan 04 Nov, 2020 AT 11:53 PM

very nice bro.

Webdeveloper1 14 Nov, 2020 AT 08:16 AM

sir yh ajax a last tutorial tha?

Yahoo Baba 17 Nov, 2020 AT 12:23 PM

Nahi abhi aur bhi aayenge

Webdeveloper1 17 Nov, 2020 AT 09:22 PM

sir mere tu ajax mn buht error arhy hn.. mn 1 month se ajax kr rhi.. ek video 3 bar dekhti hun phr code krti hun phr b error arhy

Webdeveloper1 17 Nov, 2020 AT 09:23 PM

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'childNodes' of null at xe (jquery-3.5.1.min.js:2) abidekhyn sir yh error arha mere range-slider waly project mn.. 1 hour se try kr rhi error nikalny ka pr nhi ja rha mn ne ap wala code b download kr ky try kr liy

Yahoo Baba 18 Nov, 2020 AT 07:42 AM

Kya aapne humara downloaded code as it is chala ke dekha hai ?

Rejaul 27 Nov, 2020 AT 05:06 AM

Pls mk more video sir

Rajesh Tewari 06 Dec, 2020 AT 05:04 AM

Really Great Sir

EHTISHAM 14 Dec, 2020 AT 05:40 PM

Your Lecture Style is awsome

Maxtech 05 Jan, 2021 AT 05:28 AM

You have done a great thing in your video finally I have solved my problem

ROOT@12 21 Jan, 2021 AT 03:56 PM

nice sir

Informatica 08 Feb, 2021 AT 04:51 AM

Gracias buen aporte

MD sahil 09 Feb, 2021 AT 02:45 PM

Thanks bro